Clinics We Offer & Advice

In addition to general medical consultations the practice offers a range of clinics and healthcare services. The following list highlights (but is not limited to) the services available and the healthcare professional you should see:

  • New Patient Health Checks - alerts for any new problems, blood pressure recording, healthy living advice - nursing team member
  • Long-Term Conditions – such as asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease - practice nurse
  • Healthy Living Advice - blood pressure check, smoking cessation advice - nursing team member
  • Cervical Smears - we advise all women between the ages of 25 and 65 years to have this test every 5 years (more often if necessary) - practice nurse.
  • Contraceptive Services/Family Planning - practice nurse
  • Pre-conceptual Advice/Sexual Health - health visitor, nurse or doctor
  • Maternity Care - midwife at the Ladywell Unit, RDUH North.
  • Childhood Immunisations - practice nurse
  • Child Health - advice & support for families with young children - health visitor
  • Minor Surgery - doctor
  • Treatment Room - ear syringing, dressings, wound care, removal of stitches, injections, ECG, dietary advice - practice nurse
  • Travel Advice & Immunisations - practice nurse
  • Stopping smoking - Patient's can self refer through Onesmallstep

For any of the above services please contact the Healthcare Administration Team 01271 323443